The BeliEve Foundation

April 1st, 2024


Dr. Terrell Hatzilias is a grieving mom who lobbied tirelessly to pass legislation for the Certificate of Birth Resulting in Stillbirth (CBRS) in Washington State in honor of her son Kegan.  She was 9 months pregnant in the fall of 2018 when her baby’s heart suddenly stopped beating in utero. Her son Kegan was stillborn mere days before his due date.


Our founder Clark Gassen and board member Kurt Vickman met Terrell at the special presentation of the first Certificates of Birth Resulting in Stillbirth to families in Washington State in October 2022. It was a full-circle moment for Clark to meet a fellow lobbyist and grieving parent who understood the importance of receiving proper acknowledgment of the life of their precious child.


Dr. Terrell, a neuroscientist and medical writer, recently published the book “Still His Mama”. It was from Kegan’s death and their family’s struggle to re-integrate into a world they no longer understood that this work was born. The book covers ten profound themes related to stillbirth and grief, woven together through imagined letters between two bereaved mothers and Terrell’s perspective.


“Still His Mama” offers a path to healing and growth after the devastating loss of a child. Terrell paints a portrait of love and resilience, guiding bereaved parents towards a future that holds hope, despite the unimaginable pain of their present. For those who yearn to understand and support grieving parents, “Still His Mama” offers invaluable insights and a deeper level of empathy.

Terrell hopes that “Still His Mama” will become a treasured resource, not only for bereaved parents but also for those who long to support and understand them. If you are on your journey of healing following a loss or know someone who is and would like to understand and support them, this book can be the beautiful resource Terrell intended for it to be.


Order “Still His Mama” on Amazon here.