Reasons to BeliEve

Learn how we've helped families on their grief journey. Welcome to their stories of hope and your Reasons to BeliEve.

Family Testimonials

"My husband and I were connected to The BeliEve Foundation through Children’s Hospital shortly after the death of our daughter. There aren’t enough wonderful things to be said for the help they provided us. We lost our daughter during the Covid isolation so we really were not getting the support we needed at a very desperate and broken time in our lives. We knew we needed help but we didn’t have the resources to make this happen.

They made it their mission to make sure we found the help we needed. I am so grateful to this group of people for caring about me, especially during a time in this world when the circumstances left us completely alone and unsupported in our grief. The counseling that my husband and I received gave us a lot of tools we needed to work through our grief together.

Thank you from the deepest part of my heart for throwing us a life line. Your kindness is something I will hold onto when I look back at this tragic time in our lives."

~ Kellie, Ava's mom

"The BeliEve Foundation has provided our family with unmatched care and generosity in the wake of losing our son. We felt unconditionally comforted by their team, and we are forever grateful for the peace of mind that they have provided to us during our most delicate time."

~ Karyn, Grey's mom

"The BeliEve Foundation was such a blessing in a time of need and sorrow after losing our son. They were incredible to work with. The process could not have been easier and the staff could not have been nicer. Do not hesitate to contact them if you find yourself in this unfortunate position. If you do, I am truly sorry for your loss. Please know you do not need to go through this alone."

~ Michael, Lachlan's dad

"Thank you so very much for the assistance to pay bills during this extremely difficult time in my life.  I am so thankful for your foundation and all that you do!  I appreciate it more than words can explain."

~ Amanda, Jace's mom

"The BeliEve Foundation has been very easy to work with since day one.  They care and are passionate about supporting their cause and helping those grieving families in any way possible through the worst days of their lives.  No one should ever have to go through losing a child and the BeliEve Foundation is a great resource to help families in need. They have also reached out to us numerous times to offer additional support and resources as well as to simply see how things are going.  A great foundation to work with!!"

~ Luke, Caroline's dad

"The BeliEve Foundation has helped me in more ways than one after the recent loss of my daughter.  After losing my daughter to SIDs at five weeks, they stepped in like angels and helped take some of the burden off of me while I struggled to help my three other children get through the pain of losing their sister.  This foundation is a blessing and I’m grateful that there is a program like this out there for families. Thank you for everything you do."

~ Esther, Simone's mom

"My husband and I are forever grateful for the support we received from The BeliEve Foundation after the loss of our precious daughter. They provided us with financial help with our medical bills, assisted me with being connected to an amazing grief counselor as well as help with our stay at Faith’s Lodge that we hope to do in the spring. Their emotional support made me feel like they truly cared about our well being and played a significant role in my healing process."

~ Jessica, Binta Rose's mom

"The BeliEve Foundation was a shining light in the midst of a very dark time!  They found out about the loss of our daughter, reached out to us, and asked what they could do to help!  My husband is self-employed and any time off is unpaid.  It is because of this foundation that my husband and I were able to be supported and grieve the loss of our daughter together.  We couldn’t be thankful enough for them and what they do!  Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!"

~ Tausha, Amelia Rose's mom

"Without the help of The BeliEve Foundation, we would be drowning in debt. They saved us from losing the footing we had gained while our minds and hearts had a little more time to heal. What they are doing is an incredibly needed service in a world no one even wants to think about, but sometimes we do lose children and they make it so that doesn’t also mean we lose homes, cars, or good credit we worked hard for. Money unfortunately does have to matter in these situations, so it’s good to have an amazing foundation like this serving this heartbroken community. Thank you so much from the bottom of our healing hearts!"

~ Kari, Jacob's mom

Partner Testimonials

"The BeliEve Foundation is that friend who steps up in a crisis and says, “I got your back.” Their compassion and generosity shine like beacons to every grieving parent that doesn’t even know they need them. They step in and lighten the heavy burden of grief with gifts that really make an impact. As Executive Director of Faith’s Lodge, I am proud to stand beside them as a partner helping grieving families navigate the journey following the death of a child."

~ Kelly McDyre, Executive Director of Faith's Lodge

"Brighter Days Grief Center is so fortunate to be a partner of The BeliEve Foundation! They have provided invaluable financial assistance to the families we serve, which in turn helps us support them in more meaningful ways. We deeply believe in the heart behind this beautiful mission!"

~ Carolyn Kinzel, Founder and President of Brighter Days Grief Center

"Thank you to The BeliEve Foundation for bringing enormous relief to our Crescent Cove families. You carry families that extra mile when they are torn and broken after losing their child. We are honored to be an organization who can call upon you to further support these grieving families. You make the process so smooth and easy at a time that is so difficult. On behalf of our staff and the many families you have supported through Crescent Cove, thank you!"

~ Katie Lindenfelser, Founder and Executive Director of Crescent Cove

"The BeliEve Foundation has assisted SO many families in need! When grieving the death of a child, the last thing these families need is to worry about how to pay the hospital bills, rent, therapist, funeral costs, etc. Their kindness, compassion and ability to connect with these families is such a gift. Such a beautiful legacy that Eve has created for other families. Thank you!!"

~ Jennifer Kouri, Family Support Coordinator at Star Legacy Foundation

"As a Social Worker, I have assisted in making referrals and providing The BeliEve Foundation as a resource to families who are grieving the loss of a child. The team is very responsive, compassionate and so willing to help families. I especially love that families have up to 18 months after the loss of a child to apply for support. I'm grateful for the support, kindness and generosity they provide and will continue to refer families to The BeliEve Foundation."

~ Pam Klein, Social Worker at Crescent Cove