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In honor of Eve’s birthday, our founders, Clark and Margo Gassen matched $100,000 in donations. Thanks to the generosity of our BeliEvers, we can continue to meet the immediate financial and ongoing emotional needs of grieving families who so desperately need our support.

Your gifts will help pay for things like overwhelming medical or funeral bills, rent or mortgage assistance or grief therapy so that families can instead focus on healing. You can still give a gift today that will directly impact the lives of grieving families. All administrative costs are covered by our founders, so that 100% of donations go to helping families rebuild lives.

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Jun 16, 2020

The BeliEve Foundation has been very easy to work with since day one.  They care and are passionate about supporting their cause and helping those grieving families in any way possible through the worst days of their lives.  No one should ever have to go through losing a child and the BeliEve Foundation is a great resource to help families in need.  We lost our daughter at 36 weeks and they assisted us with some of the burial costs, cemetery costs and stone/monument costs.  They have also reached out to us numerous times to offer additional support and resources as well as to simply see how things are going.  I did not even know this foundation existed until we lost our daughter and we were searching for some resources to help with her burial costs.  A great foundation to work with!!

~Luke H., Bereaved Father and BeliEver

Help When Needed Most

Jun 16, 2020

The BeliEve Foundation is incredible because they have helped us when we were deeply in need. At our 20th week OB visit, we found out that our baby was missing her lungs, bladder, kidneys, amniotic fluid, and had an underdeveloped heart. We were devastated to learn that even if she survived labor, she would not live for long outside of my womb. With heavy hearts, we had to make funeral preparations before she was born. We were shocked to find out how much a funeral and burial would cost for just a tiny infant. We wanted her to be buried at a cemetery with other babies who went to Heaven but the cost was outside of our budget.

We were connected with The BeliEve Foundation and decided to submit an application. If approved, The BeliEve Foundation would cover either medical costs or funeral costs, depending on what we needed. A day or two after our baby’s birth and passing, we found out that our application was approved! The BeliEve Foundation covered the entire cost for our baby’s funeral and burial! Having the financial burden lifted from our shoulders allowed us to breathe easier and focus on grieving. We are so thankful that The BeliEve Foundation has been a light for us in this time of darkness.

~Mari Anna H., Bereaved Mother and BeliEver

Why We Do What We Do

Mar 06, 2020

Thank you so very much for the assistance to pay bills during this extremely difficult time in my life.  I am so thankful for your foundation and all that you do!  I appreciate it more than words can explain.

~Amanda B., Bereaved Mother and BeliEver

Helping With The Unexpected

Mar 06, 2020

This is an amazing organization.  They helped pay for unexpected costs after our 14-month old daughter passed away.  Thank you for helping and continuing your good work!

~Sarah P., Bereaved Mother and BeliEver

Stepping In Where No One Else Could

Mar 06, 2020

After losing my son Ira to a 13-year fight with Pompe Disease, I was devastated.  The grief hit me harder than I could have imagined and I spent many weeks glued to my bed unable to function outside of my household.  The BeliEve Foundation stepped in like a powerhouse and helped me out tremendously.  They recommended organizations that could counsel me through my grief and helped pay my rent.  If I did not have the help from them, I could have easily lost everything.  The BeliEve Foundation seriously stepped in where no one else could and made such a difference.  I am now doing better and looking forward to a trip they are sponsoring for my family to go to Faith’s Lodge.

~Ja’Na D.., Bereaved Mother and BeliEver

Unmatched Care and Generosity

Dec 02, 2019

The BeliEve Foundation has provided our family with unmatched care and generosity in the wake of losing our son. We felt unconditionally comforted by their team, and we are forever grateful for the peace of mind that they have provided to us during our most delicate time.

~Karyn B., Bereaved Mother and BeliEver

Providing Help in Many Ways

Dec 02, 2019

The BeliEve Foundation has helped me in more ways than one after the recent loss of my daughter.  After losing my daughter to SIDs at five weeks, they stepped in like angels and helped take some of the burden off of me while I struggled to help my three other children get through the pain of losing their sister.  This foundation is a blessing and I’m grateful that there is a program like this out there for families. Thank you for everything you do.

~Esther E., Bereaved Mother and BeliEver

Emotional & Financial Support When Needed Most

Dec 02, 2019

My husband and I are forever grateful for the support we received from The BeliEve Foundation after the loss of our precious daughter. They provided us with financial help with our medical bills, assisted me with being connected to an amazing grief counselor as well as help with our stay at Faith’s Lodge that we hope to do in the spring. Their emotional support made me feel like they truly cared about our well being and played a significant role in my healing process.

~Jessica J., Bereaved Mother and BeliEver

A Shining Light

Nov 13, 2019

The BeliEve Foundation was a shining light in the midst of a very dark time!  They found out about the loss of our daughter, reached out to us, and asked what they could do to help!  My husband is self-employed and any time off is unpaid.  It is because of this foundation that my husband and I were able to be supported and grieve the loss of our daughter together.  We couldn’t be thankful enough for them and what they do!  Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

~Tausha P., Bereaved Mother & BeliEver

Support During an Unimaginably Difficult Time

Sep 13, 2019

The BeliEve Foundation helped us so much after the death of my sweet 8 year old daughter.  They helped pay for her cremation and sent us for a respite weekend away with another family who also has a medically complex child.  They check in regularly to see how we are doing and to ask if there is anything else they can do for us. In addition, they are also sponsoring our bereavement weekend at Faith’s Lodge.

This foundation has been a wonderful support during an unimaginably difficult time.

~Emily G., Bereaved Mother and BeliEver

An Opportunity to Experience Peace Again

Sep 13, 2019

Words can’t express my gratitude to The BeliEve Foundation for making it possible to travel the 2-hour commute to Faith’s Lodge from the airport.

From the moment Kelly at Faith’s Lodge referred me to your organization, you have been simply amazing and empathic to our needs. As a single mother who has a daughter in college and one preparing to go back to school, I certainly didn’t have the extra money to make this trip possible. But because of organizations like yours caring enough to make these wonderful blessings happen for families like mine, I was blessed with the opportunity to finally experience peace again.

I’m forever grateful!!!

~Lakeya C., Bereaved Mother and BeliEver

A Little More Time To Heal

Sep 13, 2019

A little less than a year and a half ago, we lost our 7 year old son to a rare neurological disease. My husband and I have 2 children, so our 3 year old daughter also lost her brother. For the last 2 years of his life, I did not work,  I cared for him… that alone was more than a full time job with a feeding tube, a trach and more. About 6 months after he passed, our resources had run dry and, though I didn’t feel I was ready, I returned to work as a hairstylist. The intense, busy nature of the salon and constant new interactions were more than my grieving mama heart could handle.  A day came where I just couldn’t go… I chose to take a leave of absence on the risk of not paying bills because I was emotionally breaking down.

Our world was so totally shattered. Then, I learned about The BeliEve Foundation. We reached out desperate for a little grace as a year after child loss… many people have moved on while our world continued to stand still. The Believe Foundation gave us the financial security to take that leave from work and I actually now have gone to lesser part time and found a new job that is much calmer.

Without the help of The BeliEve Foundation, we would be drowning in debt. They saved us from losing the footing we had gained while our minds and hearts had a little more time to heal. What they are doing is an incredibly needed service in a world no one even wants to think about, but sometimes we do lose children and they make it so that doesn’t also mean we lose homes, cars, or good credit we worked hard for. Money unfortunately does have to matter in these situations, so it’s good to have an amazing foundation like this serving this heartbroken community. Thank you so much from the bottom of our healing hearts!

~Kari O., Bereaved Mother and BeliEver

Helping a Survivor Move Forward

Apr 30, 2019

As Executive Director of Faith’s Lodge, few people are as well equipped to help others begin to rebuild following the death of a child than Kelly McDyre. But nothing could prepare her for the call she would receive last November.

Four children murdered. Their mother assaulted and left for dead by her husband. A costly hospital stay and a lifetime of recovery ahead. What’s more, visual impairment caused by the assault only added to the challenge of a mother seeing her way through unimaginable grief.  She decided she wanted to go to Faith’s Lodge to connect with other parents, and she would travel there alone.

Mary, the lodge manager, called McDyre. “She needs help getting to us. Can we help her?” The answer was easy. The hurdles were not.

The woman’s church was able to pay for her plane ticket to Minneapolis through community donations. But her medical conditions would require special accommodations—and even greater leaps of faith—throughout her journey, starting with transportation logistics for the two-hour long car ride from the airport to Faith’s Lodge in Danbury, Wisconsin.

McDyre is quick to explain that transportation arrangements are not typically a service provided by Faith’s Lodge. “We’re great at taking care of people once they come through our door. But getting them to our door sometimes proves a challenge.” Of course, this situation was anything but typical so McDyre and her staff put their heads together. Then they picked up the phone.

A Minneapolis transportation company offered free use of one of their vehicles. However, the professional driver would require compensation, and a gap in funding threatened to stop the conversation in its tracks. That’s when McDyre reached out to The BeliEve Foundation.

“Their donation enabled us to cover the cost of the driver and more,” said McDyre. The BeliEve Foundation provided this guest with extra massage time, individual counseling sessions and food preparation. “They kept asking how else they could help her.”

When asked what makes The BeliEve Foundation such a valuable partner in helping bereaved parents begin to rebuild after incomprehensible loss, McDyre shared this simple observation: “They do more than step forward; they go above and beyond.”

A long weekend. A much longer journey ahead. Hope for this bereaved mother grew out of her experience at Faith’s Lodge and the generosity of so many others.  “My time at Faith’s Lodge meant so much.  It really helped to be around other parents that feel the same sense of loss that I do.  Now I don’t feel so alone.”

The BeliEve Foundation provided this mother a ray of hope on her long journey of grief.



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