The BeliEve Foundation has been very easy to work with since day one.  They care and are passionate about supporting their cause and helping those grieving families in any way possible through the worst days of their lives.  No one should ever have to go through losing a child and the BeliEve Foundation is a great resource to help families in need.  We lost our daughter at 36 weeks and they assisted us with some of the burial costs, cemetery costs and stone/monument costs.  They have also reached out to us numerous times to offer additional support and resources as well as to simply see how things are going.  I did not even know this foundation existed until we lost our daughter and we were searching for some resources to help with her burial costs.  A great foundation to work with!!

~Luke H., Bereaved Father and BeliEver

Help When Needed Most

The BeliEve Foundation is incredible because they have helped us when we were deeply in need. At our 20th week OB visit, we found out that our baby was missing her lungs, bladder, kidneys, amniotic fluid, and had an underdeveloped heart. We were devastated to learn that even if she survived labor, she would not live for long outside of my womb. With heavy hearts, we had to make funeral preparations before she was born. We were shocked to find out how much a funeral and burial would cost for just a tiny infant. We wanted her to be buried at a cemetery with other babies who went to Heaven but the cost was outside of our budget.

We were connected with The BeliEve Foundation and decided to submit an application. If approved, The BeliEve Foundation would cover either medical costs or funeral costs, depending on what we needed. A day or two after our baby’s birth and passing, we found out that our application was approved! The BeliEve Foundation covered the entire cost for our baby’s funeral and burial! Having the financial burden lifted from our shoulders allowed us to breathe easier and focus on grieving. We are so thankful that The BeliEve Foundation has been a light for us in this time of darkness.

~Mari Anna H., Bereaved Mother and BeliEver